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A2F Cable Gland (Explosion proof)

Brass plated Nikel

A2F Cable Gland, Flameproof Ex d, Increased Safety Ex e and Restricted Breathing Ex nR Cable Gland

CMP Type A2F Triple Certified Flameproof (Type 'd'), Increased Safety (Type 'e') and Restricted Breathing (Type ‘nR’) indoor and outdoor cable gland for use in Zone 1, Zone 2,
Zone 21 and Zone 22hazardous areas with un-armoured and braided cable providing a combined flameproof seal and environmental seal on the cable outer sheath.
This product provides full compatibility with restricted breathing equipment that rely upon flammable gases being excluded from the main enclosure.
All CMP Cable Glands are EMC Tested.
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Note: CMP SOLO LSF Halogen Free Shrouds also available on request. IEC Ex, ATEX (Group I and II) &
CSA hazardous area certification marking included as standard. Please consult CMP for any other requirement.

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Heavy Duty Connector

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