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Military 5015 Circular Connectors

The MS Standard connectors are designed and manufactured to
MIL-DTL-5015, The Military Specification covering KD connectors.

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Characteristics, Voltage and Ampare Specification

type connector,fci connector,rf connector, sevo motor cable, สายServo moter, สายเซอร์โวมอเตอร์ม, คอนเนคเตอร์มอเตอร์

ตาราง Datasheet ของแต่ละรุ่น(Model)

Pin amount


Shell size
(Body size)

MS3102, MS3106, MS3108, MS3101, connector with cable, automotive connectors,
ddk connector, Circular connectors, DDK connector, Kukdong connector, amphenol, servo connector

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Male:P (Femal:S) Male:P (Femal:S) Male:P (Femal:S) Male:P (Femal:S) Male:P (Femal:S)  

1 Pole

13A 12S 3101A12S-4P 3102A12S-4P 3106A12S-4P 3108A12S-4P 3057-4A  
14S 3101A14S-4P 3102A14S-4P 3106A14S-4P 3108A14S-4P 3057-6A  
23A 12 3101A12-5P 3102A12-5P 3106A12-5P 3108A12-5P 3057-4A  
46A 14 3101A14-3P 3102A14-3P 3106A14-3P 3108A14-3P 3057-6A  
150A 20 3101A20-2P 3102A20-2P 3106A20-2P 3108A20-2P 3057-12A  
22 3101A22-7P 3102A22-7P 3106A22-7P 3108A22-7P 3057-12A  

2 Poles

13A 10SL 3101A10SL-4P 3102A10SL-4P 3106A10SL-4P 3108A10SL-4P 3057-4A  
12S 3101A12S-3P 3102A12S-3P 3106A12S-3P 3108A12S-3P 3057-4A  
14S 3101A14S-9P 3102A14S-9P 3106A14S-9P 3108A14S-9P 3057-6A  
16S 3101A16S-4P 3102A16S-4P 3106A16S-4P 3108A16S-4P 3057-8A  
23A 16 3101A16-11P 3102A16-11P 3106A16-11P 3108A16-11P 3057-8A  
18 3101A18-3P 3102A18-3P 3106A18-3P 3108A18-3P 3057-10A  
22 3101A22-8P 3102A22-8P 3106A22-8P 3108A22-8P 3057-12A  
46A 20 3101A20-23P 3102A20-23P 3106A20-23P 3108A20-23P 3057-12A  
22 3101A22-1P 3102A22-1P 3106A22-1P 3108A22-1P 3057-12A  
80A 24 3101A24-9P 3102A24-9P 3106A24-9P 3108A24-9P 3057-16A  
150A 32 3101A32-5P 3102A32-5P 3106A32-5P 3108A32-5P 3057-20A  

3 Poles

13A 10SL 3101A10SL-3P 3102A10SL-3P 3106A10SL-3P 3108A10SL-3P 3057-4A  
14S 3101A14S-1P 3102A14S-1P 3106A14S-1P 3108A14S-1P 3057-6A  
14S 3101A14S-7P 3102A14S-7P 3106A14S-7P 3108A14S-7P 3057-6A  
16S 3101A16S-5P 3102A16S-5P 3106A16S-5P 3108A16S-5P 3057-8A  
18 3101A18-22P 3102A18-22P 3106A18-22P 3108A18-22P 3057-10A  
23A 16 3101A16-10P 3102A16-10P 3106A16-10P 3108A16-10P 3057-8A  
18 3101A18-21P 3102A18-21P 3106A18-21P 3108A18-21P 3057-10A  
20 3101A20-3P 3102A20-3P 3106A20-3P 3108A20-3P 3057-12A  
22 3101A22-9P 3102A22-9P 3106A22-9P 3108A22-9P 3057-12A  
46A 20 3101A20-19P 3102A20-19P 3106A20-19P 3108A20-19P 3057-12A  
22 3101A22-2P 3102A22-2P 3106A22-2P 3108A22-2P 3057-12A  
28 3101A28-3P 3102A28-3P 3106A28-3P 3108A28-3P 3057-16A  
80A 28 3101A28-6P 3102A28-6P 3106A28-6P 3108A28-6P 3057-16A  
150A 36 3101A36-4P 3102A36-4P 3106A36-4P 3108A36-4P 3057-24A  

3 Poles (1+2)

13A+23A 18 3101A18-5P 3102A18-5P 3106A18-5P 3108A18-5P 3057-10A  

4 Poles

13A 12S 3101A12SA10P 3102A12SA10P 3106A12SA10P 3108A12SA10P 3057-4A  
14S 3101A14S-2P 3102A14S-2P 3106A14S-2P 3108A14S-2P 3057-6A  
18 3101A18-4P 3102A18-4P 3106A18-4P 3108A18-4P 3057-10A  
22 3101A22-10P 3102A22-10P 3106A22-10P 3108A22-10P 3057-12A  
23A 18 3101A18-10P 3102A18-10P 3106A18-10P 3108A18-10P 3057-10A  
20 3101A20-4P 3102A20-4P 3106A20-4P 3108A20-4P 3057-12A  
46A 22 3101A22-22P 3102A22-22P 3106A22-22P 3108A22-22P 3057-12A  
24 3101A24-22P 3102A24-22P 3106A24-22P 3108A24-22P 3057-16A  
80A 32 3101A32-17P 3102A32-17P 3106A32-17P 3108A32-17P 3057-20A  
150A 36 3101A36-5P 3102A36-5P 3106A36-5P 3108A36-5P 3057-24A  

4 Poles (2+2)

13A+23A 16 3101A16-9P 3102A16-9P 3106A16-9P 3108A16-9P 3057-8A  
13A+46A 20 3101A20-24P 3102A20-24P 3106A20-24P 3108A20-24P 3057-12A  

5 Poles

13A 14S 3101A14S-5P 3102A14S-5P 3106A14S-5P 3108A14S-5P 3057-6A  
16S 3101A16S-8P 3102A16S-8P 3106A16S-8P 3108A16S-8P 3057-8A  
18 3101A18-20P 3102A18-20P 3106A18-20P 3108A18-20P 3057-10A  
23A 18 3101A18-11P 3102A18-11P 3106A18-11P 3108A18-11P 3057-10A  
80A 32 3101A32-63P 3102A32-63P 3106A32-63P 3108A32-63P 3057-20A  

5 Poles (2+1+2)

13+23+80A 28 3101A28-5P 3102A28-5P 3106A28-5P 3108A28-5P 3057-16A  

5 Poles (3+2)

23A+80A 24 3101A24-12P 3102A24-12P 3106A24-12P 3108A24-12P 3057-16A  
23A+150A 32 3101A32-1P 3102A32-1P 3106A32-1P 3108A32-1P 3057-20A  

6 Poles

13A 14S 3101A14S-6P 3102A14S-6P 3106A14S-6P 3108A14S-6P 3057-6A  
18 3101A18-12P 3102A18-12P 3106A18-12P 3108A18-12P 3057-10A  

6 Poles (1+5)

13A+23A 20 3101A20-17P 3102A20-17P 3106A20-17P 3108A20-17P 3057-12A  

6 Poles (3+3)

13A+46A 20 3101A20-22P 3102A20-22P 3106A20-22P 3108A20-22P 3057-12A  
13A+80A 28 3101A28-22P 3102A28-22P 3106A28-22P 3108A28-22P 3057-16A  
23A+150A 36 3101A36-3P 3102A36-3P 3106A36-3P 3108A36-3P 3057-24A  

6 Poles (4+2)

13A+23A 22 3101A22-5P 3102A22-5P 3106A22-5P 3108A22-5P 3057-12A  

7 Poles

13A 14S 3101A14SA7P 3102A14SA7P 3106A14SA7P 3108A14SA7P 3057-6A  
16S 3101A16S-1P 3102A16S-1P 3106A16S-1P 3108A16S-1P 3057-8A  
23A 20 3101A20-15P 3102A20-15P 3106A20-15P 3108A20-15P 3057-12A  
24 3101A24-2P 3102A24-2P 3106A24-2P 3108A24-2P 3057-16A  
46A 24 3101A24-10P 3102A24-10P 3106A24-10P 3108A24-10P 3057-16A  
80A 36 3101A36-77P 3102A36-77P 3106A36-77P 3108A36-77P 3057-24A  

7 Poles (3+2+2)

23+46+80A 28 3101A28-10P 3102A28-10P 3106A28-10P 3108A28-10P 3057-16A  

7 Poles (5+2)

13A+23A 18 3101A18-9P 3102A18-9P 3106A18-9P 3108A18-9P 3057-10A  

8 Poles

7A 16S 3101A16S-01P 3102A16S-01P 3106A16S-01P 3108A16S-01P 3057-8A  
13A 20 3101A20-7P 3102A20-7P 3106A20-7P 3108A20-7P 3057-12A  
23A 22 3101A22-23P 3102A22-23P 3106A22-23P 3108A22-23P 3057-12A  

8 Poles (6+2)

23A+150A 32 3101A32-15P 3102A32-15P 3106A32-15P 3108A32-15P 3057-20A  

8 Poles (7+1)

13A+23A 18 3101A18-8P 3102A18-8P 3106A18-8P 3108A18-8P 3057-10A  

9 Poles (4+2+2+1)

13+23+80+150A 32 3101A32-3P 3102A32-3P 3106A32-3P 3108A32-3P 3057-20A  

9 Poles (5+P)

13A+80A 28 3101A28A16P 3102A28A16P 3106A28A16P 3108A28A16P 3057-16A  

9 Poles (6+3)

13A+23A 20 3101A20-18P 3102A20-18P 3106A20-18P 3108A20-18P 3057-12A  
23A+46A 24 3101A24-11P 3102A24-11P 3106A24-11P 3108A24-11P 3057-16A  

9 Poles (7+2)

13A+23A 20 3101A20-16P 3102A20-16P 3106A20-16P 3108A20-16P 3057-12A  

10 Poles

7A 14S 3101A14SA10P 3102A14SA10P 3106A14SA10P 3108A14SA10P 3057-6A  
13A 18 3101A18-1P 3102A18-1P 3106A18-1P 3108A18-1P 3057-10A  
18 3101A18-19P 3102A18-19P 3106A18-19P 3108A18-19P 3057-10A  
20 3101A20-01P 3102A20-01P 3106A20-01P 3108A20-01P 3057-12A  

10 Poles (6+4)

13A+23A 28 3101A28-19P 3102A28-19P 3106A28-19P 3108A28-19P 3057-16A  

10 Poles (9+1)

13A+46A 24 3101A24-21P 3102A24-21P 3106A24-21P 3108A24-21P 3057-16A  

11 Poles

13A 20 3101A20-33P 3102A20-33P 3106A20-33P 3108A20-33P 3057-12A  

11 Poles (9+2)

13A+23A 24 3101A24-20P 3102A24-20P 3106A24-20P 3108A24-20P 3057-16A  

12 Poles

23A 24 3101A24B24P 3102A24B24P 3106A24B24P 3108A24B24P 3057-16A  
28 3101A28-51P 3102A28-51P 3106A28-51P 3108A28-51P 3057-16A  

12 Poles (6+6)

13A+23A 28 3101A28-9P 3102A28-9P 3106A28-9P 3108A28-9P 3057-16A  

13 Poles

13A 20 3101A20-11P 3102A20-11P 3106A20-11P 3108A20-11P 3057-12A  

14 Poles

13A 20 3101A20-27P 3102A20-27P 3106A20-27P 3108A20-27P 3057-12A  
22 3101A22-19P 3102A22-19P 3106A22-19P 3108A22-19P 3057-12A  

14 Poles (12+2)

13A+23A 28 3101A28-2P 3102A28-2P 3106A28-2P 3108A28-2P 3057-16A  

14 Poles (2+12)

13A+46A 36 3101A36-78P 3102A36-78P 3106A36-78P 3108A36-78P 3057-24A  

14 Poles (4+10)

13A+23A 28 3101A28-20P 3102A28-20P 3106A28-20P 3108A28-20P 3057-16A  

15 Poles

13A 28 3101A28-17P 3102A28-17P 3106A28-17P 3108A28-17P 3057-16A  

16 Poles

13A 24 3101A24-5P 3102A24-5P 3106A24-5P 3108A24-5P 3057-16A  

16 Poles (14+2)

13A+23A 24 3101A24-7P 3102A24-7P 3106A24-7P 3108A24-7P 3057-16A  

17 Poles

13A 20 3101A20-29P 3102A20-29P 3106A20-29P 3108A20-29P 3057-12A  

19 Poles

13A 20 3101A20A48P 3102A20A48P 3106A20A48P 3108A20A48P 3057-12A  
22 3101A22-14P 3102A22-14P 3106A22-14P 3108A22-14P 3057-12A  
23A 24 3101A24-67P 3102A24-67P 3106A24-67P 3108A24-67P 3057-16A  

20 Poles

13A 28 3101A28-16P 3102A28-16P 3106A28-16P 3108A28-16P 3057-16A  

22 Poles (18+4)

13A+23A 28 3101A28-11P 3102A28-11P 3106A28-11P 3108A28-11P 3057-16A  
36 3101A36-1P 3102A36-1P 3106A36-1P 3108A36-1P 3057-24A  

23 Poles (16+2+3+2P)

13+23+46+80A 32 3101A32-6P 3102A32-6P 3106A32-6P 3108A32-6P 3057-20A  

24 Poles

7A 20 3101A20A24P 3102A20A24P 3106A20A24P 3108A20A24P 3057-12A  
13A 24 3101A24-28P 3102A24-28P 3106A24-28P 3108A24-28P 3057-16A  

26 Poles

13A 28 3101A28-12P 3102A28-12P 3106A28-12P 3108A28-12P 3057-16A  

30 Poles(24+6)

13A+23A 32 3101A32-8P 3102A32-8P 3106A32-8P 3108A32-8P 3057-20A  

31 Poles (14+14+2+1)

13+23+46+80A 36 3101A36-9P 3102A36-9P 3106A36-9P 3108A36-9P 3057-24A  

35 Poles

13A 28 3101A28-15P 3102A28-15P 3106A28-15P 3108A28-15P 3057-16A  

35 Poles (28+7)

13A+23A 32 3101A32-7P 3102A32-7P 3106A32-7P 3108A32-7P 3057-20A  

37 Poles

13A 28 3101A28-21P 3102A28-21P 3106A28-21P 3108A28-21P 3057-16A  

42 Poles (40+2)

13A+46A 32 3101A32-59P 3102A32-59P 3106A32-59P 3108A32-59P 3057-20A  

47 Poles (46+1)

13A+23A 36 3101A36-8P 3102A36-8P 3106A36-8P 3108A36-8P 3057-24A  

48 Poles

13A 36 3101A36-10P 3102A36-10P 3106A36-10P 3108A36-10P 3057-24A  

54 Poles

13A 32 3101A32A10P 3102A32A10P 3106A32A10P 3108A32A10P 3057-20A  

72 Poles

7A 28 3101A28-72P 3102A28-72P 3106A28-72P 3108A28-72P 3057-16A  

85 Poles

13A 40 3101A40-56P 3102A40-56P 3106A40-56P 3108A40-56P 3057-  

101 Poles

7A 32 3101A32-101P 3102A32-101P 3106A32-101P 3108A32-101P 3057-20A  

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